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120 Years of Combined Experience

When it comes to Finance and Insurance, the Taylor Brunswick Group offers expert wealth management advice and global insurance solutions that will increase the potential to maximise growth for any individual or business. Our expertise translates into smart financial decisions for you.

The Taylor Brunswick Group

Taylor Brunswick is a collection of experienced and driven industry professionals who are bringing the standard and quality advice to both individuals and businesses globally. Our client-centric approach is based on our set of fundamental servicing principles coupled with award-winning support and technology that has drastically improved the quality of service clients receive.

Why the Taylor Brunswick Group?

Proven Track Record

120 years of combined investment and insurance experience means our advisers are first class.

dedicated teams

Our customer first approach make investing personal again. With our dedicated client support teams and direct access to your personal advisor helps keep you ahead.

24/7 365 support

We are dedicated to our clients and are always in touch so you’re in touch with your money.

Professional Will Writing

If you were to pass away tomorrow, would it be easy for your loved ones to determine how to distribute your assets and settle your estate? Or, would you be leaving them with a messy legal battle to figure out how to allocate your wealth and belongings? Although it is not pleasant to think about the day that you will pass away, it can give you peace of mind to know that you are fully prepared.