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There Is An Alarming Amount of Debt Amongst 10% of the FTSE 250

A study, based on FTSE 250’s biannual report, has found that up to twelve more companies will need to pay two years worth of dividends. While 56 other companies will have to make their payments in one year’s dividends. 20 firms had pension liabilities much greater than the equity market value. Go-Ahead Group has an […]

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Financial Tips When You Start a Family With Children

Preparing for a family is a huge commitment, and you may already know that it can cost a lot of money. Here are some useful tips in order to help you with preparing for your future. 1 – Knowing Your Companies Benefits. Many companies provide their employees certain benefits that include medical insurance and other […]

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Succession Planning

Things to do before you’re 50

Still feeling young but starting to creak? Grey hairs starting to appear? Both professionally and financially, the period between our 40th and 50th birthdays is usually a very busy and important decade. So many deci­sions are made that affect the life we will lead in our later years. As we make our way through this […]

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Secure through the storms: BCCJ Acumen Magazine Feature

“What we’re trying to do is create certainty from uncertainty” Trevor Webster, managing partner at Taylor Brunswick Group Japan At a time when many people feel that the world is once again entering a period of considerable instability due to unexpected political shifts, and increasingly rapid changes in the technology and business landscapes, financial security is […]

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