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“Risk comes from not knowing what you are doing” Warren Buffett

Our Investment Approach

The market and economy can be very unpredictable at times. As a collective we have seen a lot of investment trends come and go over the decades, but our investment philosophy has always remained the same. This has helped us build a strategy that has continued to be successful over time and throughout several different market cycles.

We aim to identify investments with proven track records. We believe and have seen over time that ideal assets for investments have a proven track record. The stability that tried and tested assets offer deliver over time will deliver the performance you need to reach your goals.

As the time old adage goes “don’t put all your eggs in one basket”, the same holds true for your investment portfolio. No one can predict the future which is why we always advise clients to diversify their portfolios; by spreading the risk across several investments and asset classes you add an extra safeguard to your portfolio. Quality matters, but diversification is simply as important. It can’t guarantee a profit or protect against loss but it can help reduce risk – and balancing risk and potential return is at the heart of developing an investment strategy.

Even if you own diversified, quality investments, their value will still go up and down. This is where maintaining a long-term perspective comes in. Buying when you feel good and selling when you feel bad is not a good investment strategy, it’s an emotional strategy. If you sell each time the market drops you are basing your investment strategy not on reason but on emotion. This is why we discourage frequent trading on the basis of short term events. Long-term investing has been shown to be a fundamental strategy to help achieve your financial goals. Long term investing isn’t about investing and forgetting, as we sit down on a quarterly basis we will review your investment in relation to the markets and any changing circumstances on your part.

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